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Success Stories

Professionals overcome ADHD-like behaviors: They stop distractions, increase productivity, and gain peace of mind

Over the decades of my practice, many clients have shared their success stories related their journey from ADHD-related, work/life challenges. Here are a few of their stories.

Disorganized VP of sales needs strategies to get organized – and keep her job

A newly promoted – and highly disorganized – vice president of sales has difficulty transitioning from being on the road to being on-site. In the office, her lack of organizational skills is clearly a problem and negatively impacts the team’s productivity. Her job is in jeopardy. Working with Dr. Geri Markel, she learns systematic strategies to improve her A-to-Z organization skills: planning, making decisions, managing tasks, and delegating. This Sales VP is able to reduce her unproductive habits: misplacing papers, arriving late for meetings, and not following through. Productivity for the entire team is on the rise, and she keeps her job.

With his career on the line, a professor of law must complete multiple manuscripts

A law professor needs to complete four manuscripts in order to apply for promotion and tenure. Each manuscript is at a different stage of development. His stress level is through the ceiling – how can he successfully complete all these projects? His career is on the line! Through coaching with Dr. Geri Markel, he learns how to better structure his work space, organize his schedule, systematically focus on one project at a time, commit to realistic goals, and reduce distractions. He experiences a greater level of control in his life, and the department chairman is optimistic about his future success. Four months later, he is unanimously voted to be promoted to full professor.

A life coach needs to decrease the flow of distractions – and increase the flow of income

A life coach wants to expand his home-based telephone coaching practice. He is interrupted by personal phone calls and chores, and allows distractions to interfere with tasks such as marketing, developing products, and budgeting. Although expenses rise, his cash flow doesn’t. Dr. Geri Markel helps him confront the challenges of distraction, implement strategies to monitor his time, and complete practice-building activities. Liberated from needless distractions, he creates and publishes a product to boost passive income while networking to build his client base. Decreased distractions lead to increased productivity and profits.

The third time’s the charm: A medical resident must pass his board exam this time!

A medical resident fails a medical specialty board TWICE. When preparing, he overestimates his skill and underestimates the task. The residency program is even more demanding than medical school – he simply doesn’t have time to study for exams. In addition, he has less energy and more stress. Dr. Geri Markel helps him apply effective reading and retention strategies. As he prepares for this major test, he moves from feeling overwhelmed and humiliated to finding time to mentor others who have failed the exam in the past. Three months later, he takes the boards and passes with flying colors.

Manager uses strategies to avoid IRS penalties

This competent manager has a well-paying job but, somehow, is always short of cash. Complicating matters, she’s consistently late to complete tax forms and pay bills, which means she pays penalties to several credit card companies and the IRS – and doesn’t receive the tax refund she deserves. Through coaching with Dr. Geri Markel, she develops tactics to organize her expenses, bills, and receipts. Plus, Dr. Geri helps her create a plan to systematically complete her tax form. She no longer feels overwhelmed, doesn’t procrastinate, and now files her tax forms early.

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