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ADHD Executive Coaching

Do ADHD-like behaviors zap your productivity, potential, and peace of mind?

Dr. Geri Markel coaches high-achieving executives and professionals who may experience ADHD-like behaviors – people who experience frustration because they regularly disappoint others and themselves. Do you struggle with these ADHD-like behaviors?

  1. Inattentive – Do you have a short attention span? Are you easily distracted by external conditions (sights, sounds, or other people)?
  2. Poor time management – Do you sometimes feel you are lost in time and space?
  3. Executive function – Do you sometimes feel that your multitasking mind is like an orchestra with no conductor? If so, you may have trouble organizing tasks, planning projects, managing your time, and staying focused.
  4. Racing mind – You have a creative mind, but do you have the attention span to fully develop your ideas, then follow-through with them?
  5. Poor memory – You have plenty of intellectual potential, but you may be forgetful due to distractions, stress, or fatigue.
  6. Disorganization – Are you chronically disorganized? Is your desk, closet, and garage a mess? Are you frustrated, because you can’t find important documents or emails?
  7. Impulsivity – Do you say or do whatever comes to mind without forethought? Do you feel like you lack an effective gatekeeper?
  8. Hyperactivity – If you can’t sit still and fidget, you are experiencing a common ADHD-like behavior.
  9. Emotional distress – Those with ADHD-like behaviors often are dissatisfied with life since they are stressed, frustrated, and not reaching their full potential.
  10. Sleep problems – Do you have trouble falling asleep, experience fitful sleep, or need several alarms to get up on time? Without enough restful sleep, you may suffer from fatigue, be more irritable, and experience high levels of stress.

Now you can learn how to stop distractions, decrease stress, and end the frustration.

Working with Dr. Geri, you will master practical strategies to break out of unproductive habits and break through to greater productivity and life satisfaction. Plus, you will learn how to capitalize on your strengths: your creativity, talent, intellect, wit, and leadership skills.

Dr. Geri’s research-based approach works!

As an educational psychologist and certified coach, Dr. Geri coaches high-performing executives and professionals to perform better, faster, and with less stress – at work, in school, and at home. She has developed simple, powerful techniques based on her decades of research on learning, performance, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Why is a research-based approach important? Because your intellect and intuition are not enough. The power to make necessary changes requires a combination of smarts, motivation, strategy, and support. It requires a Plan of Attack to alter your behavior patterns. That means learning new strategies and setting up new routines. With coaching from Dr. Geri Markel, you align proven strategies with your unique strengths and personal style. That adds up to real change!

With Dr. Geri’s step-by-step strategies, you will:

  • Discover your strengths and vulnerabilities related to distraction.
  • Identify core systemic problems.
  • Prioritize goals and action steps.
  • Master the art of when and how to say “yes” and “no.”
  • Learn how to transition from “good intention” to “effective action.”
  • Gain and maintain improved attention, memory, and organization.
  • Learn to monitor your progress, so you can confidently identify the behaviors to maintain and those you can adjust.
  • Master the ability to stop distractions, become more productive, and enjoy greater peace of mind.


Performance Coaching for Adults in the Workforce

Engaging and results-oriented, each coaching session provides research-based strategies and techniques to improve performance, enhance self-management and communication skills and monitor performance. Earn better performance appraisal evaluations. Includes email/telephone contact between sessions.

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FEES: $150.00 per session

Monthly or multiple month packages are designed for those who have had previous difficulty following improvement plans, want to stop procrastination, and ensure continuous productivity and progress.

Packages include print or downloadable books, audio, and other resources in addition to scheduled reminders, monitoring, and follow-up.



Academic Coaching: High School, College, and Graduate/Professional Students

Highly interactive and results-oriented, each coaching session provides proven strategies to increase self-management, organization, time management, reading, writing, and test-taking skills. Includes email/telephone contact between sessions.

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FEES: $130.00 per session

Monthly, quarterly or six month packages are designed for students who are in danger of failing or on probation, needing to prepare or retake high stakes tests, or needing to survive a crisis period. Includes reviewing psychological reports, planning and scheduling, accessing resources or referrals, and enabling transitions. Ensures getting back on track, staying on course, and achieving academic success.

Packages include print or downloadable books, audio, and other resources, in addition to scheduled reminders, monitoring, and follow-up via telephone, email, or fax.



Coaching Gift Certificate

Introduce performance coaching to a colleague, family member, or friend. A coaching session can include strategies for enhanced time management, organization, focus, and memory.

The introductory offer is $115.00

Gift certificate will be downloaded.