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Dr. Geri Markel’s productivity presentations: Decrease your team’s distractions & increase productivity.

“Dr. Geri Markel’s ability to focus the group on the core issues was very effective! By any measure, she is a very effective speaker.”

– Carl Fulton, CEO, Majestic Concierge


Do distractions erode your employees’ performance – and your profits?

Mention Facebook to business leaders, and you can practically see steam shooting out of their ears. Today’s workforce faces extreme levels of distraction, and social media is just one example. Without question, your employees’ inattention to detail and disorganization – compounded by a flood of distractions – directly impact productivity and revenue.

It’s a fact: When distractions go down, productivity and profitability go up. In her engaging keynote presentations and breakout sessions, Dr. Geri Markel shares proven steps to reduce distractions and increase productivity. Here is Dr. Geri’s most requested program …

Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction:

Proven Strategies to Increase Productivity and Decrease Stress

Constant distractions can lead to feeling overwhelmed, irritable, and ineffective. When you learn to control distractions, you’ll increase your focus, creativity, and work/life satisfaction. And there’s more good news: You’ll increase productivity and decrease stress.

In this enjoyable and thought-provoking talk, you’ll learn practical, step-by-step strategies to rid your life of these formidable foes:

The Technology Demon – This little devil stays on duty all day and night.

The Others Demon – Some people think you should be available 24/7. How do you nicely say “no?”

The Activities Demon – If you multitask, rush and run late, you need to defeat this foe.

The Spaces Demon – Noisy settings (and people) are distractions you can manage.

The Stress Demon – Vanquish this vexing villain, and you’ll gain more energy.

The Fatigue Demon – This tiresome devil undermines your focus and concentration.

The Illness and Medication Demon – Persistent pain and medications can zap your energy and impact your thinking, memory, and concentration.

The Unruly Mind Demon – Diminish this demon, and you’ll tame your racing mind.

In this highly interactive presentation, you’ll learn how to conquer the 8 devilish Demons of Distraction that keep you from being productive. You’ll identify your personal distracters and apply proven strategies to increase productivity and reduce stress.

Dr. Markel’s other compelling presentations include:

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No one is immune to distractions – and every organization seeks to boost productivity! Dr. Geri’s keynotes and breakout sessions are perfect for these groups:

  • Corporate divisions and small businesses
  • Professional associations for leaders and professionals
  • Government agencies
  • Educational institutions
  • Not-for-profit organizations

Rave reviews for Dr. Geri

“Your insight into team development and leadership skills for a high-tech, fast-growing environment was invaluable.”
– Joan Binkow, Owner and CEO, GTN, Inc.

“The level of engagement was amazing.”
– Michelle Webster, Founder, Perry-Reuben Company

“Dr. Geri Markel’s talk was exceptionally entertaining and informative.”
– Carolyn Anderson-Fermann, National Association of Professional Organizers



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