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Answers to some common questions

What is the goal of Geri Markel’s Managing Your Mind Coaching?

The goal of Managing Your Mind coaching and consulting is to attain breakthroughs in performance, productivity and profits. A breakthrough is an accomplishment, an achievement or some progress that is beyond the realm of expectation. It is something that visibly—and perhaps dramatically—changes the way an individual or group behaves. A performance breakthrough means putting everything together, using one’s potential and doing one’s best—on demand, especially in competitive or high stress conditions. You feel the flow and act with competence and confidence. Not only do you increase productivity, profits, but you enjoy greater life satisfaction.

What is ADHD/productivity coaching?

ADHD/productivity coaching is a one-to-one goal-oriented process for high-potential professionals who fail to meet their own and others expectations due to ADHD-like behaviors. Frequently, problem areas involve distraction, procrastination, disorganization, and lack of follow through. Usually, clients have not responded to general life coaching since they need specific strategies to overcome the challenges posed by mild or moderate ADHD. As an ADHD/Productivity coach, Geri provides skill development and accountability so that old unproductive habits fade and new effective routines are maintained.

Once learning strategies and developing productive habits, clients accomplish more while achieving greater accuracy, completeness—and less stress. A productivity coach brings insight and reality to the phrase, “work smarter, not harder.” When ADHD-like behaviors pose challenges, Geri’s systematic process, strategies and support set the stage for behavior change and maintenance. Often, Geri collaborates with other helping professionals such as physicians or therapists.

Why coaching? Shouldn’t I be able to do it on my own?

All true professionals in athletics or the arts have coaches: the greater the competition, the more critical the coaching. No matter what your field, the right coach is essential whenever you have trouble moving from intention to action—and sustaining positive performance and productivity. You need strategies to collect unbiased performance data, select from an array of strategies based on your unique needs and interests, and have support to overcome inevitable challenges you confront when de3veloping new routines. Whether for a leader or staff, the coaching process yields results.

How Does Geri Help?

As an educational psychologist and senior certified ADHD coach, Geri specializes in helping you (or a team) get to where it’s necessary to go. Collaborative, systematic, and confidential, Geri cuts to the core issues, helps to create results-oriented action plans, provides simple but powerful strategies, and uses feedback to ensure rapid improvement. Using a systems process, Geri helps leaders and teams navigate the competing values, goals and consequences to realize greater productivity. When needed, Geri works closely with departments of human resources or mental health professionals to help a leader (or team member) keep a job earn a promotion or succeed in a new position.

Who are typical clients?

Geri helps corporate/business leaders and their teams confront rapidly changing systems. Additionally, she provides strategies for aspiring or newly promoted leaders; professionals who fail a high-stakes licensing examinations; corporate business owners or coaches who need to reduce distractions and increase profits; and entrepreneurs with ADHD who need to overcome work/life challenges.

What is the Managing Your Mind coaching process?

The Managing Your Mind coaching process is based on years of behavioral research in learning and performance. Although customized for specific work settings, it incorporates several key steps to help you (or your team) reach the Performance Breakthrough Zone. Aligning system components, you analyze the elements and processes that involve you (or your team/business), your tasks (including roles and responsibilities), and the settings in which you operate.

What are the steps within the coaching process?

There are 5 basic steps that reflect decades of research on learning, performance, and change:

  • Step 1: Assess: Where am I? What about my staff and/or organization?
    You discover your current strengths, style, gaps, and challenges. This may include interviews, paper and pencil survey, and interpretation of 360-degree survey results. In some cases, there is a review of neuropsychological or other reports.
  • Step 2: Set Goals: What are the intentions?
    You identify competing demands and consequences; specify reality-based goals, including priorities, schedules, action plans and possible pitfalls.
  • Step 3: Take Action: How do I move from intention to action?
    You develop plans and routines to manage your responsibilities and reduce distractions and other barriers. You master immediately applicable strategies to enhance processes and productivity. You take step-by-step actions specifically suited to your goals, strengths, style, and interests.
  • Step 4: Monitor: How do I keep track?
    You develop checklists and job aids to monitor and continuously improve your performance and productivity. This helps you maintain focus and motivation as well as spur creativity.
  • Step 5: Reflect: Where do I go from here?
    You realize performance breakthroughs and benefit from greater productivity, profitability—and life satisfaction. You have the time and energy to engage in creative problem solving and confront evolving uncertainties and unremitting change.

What geographic area do you service?

The majority of my on-site business and personal coaching clients are within the Ann Arbor/Detroit Metro area. In addition, I work on a state, national, and international level on-site and via telephone, Skype and online learning platforms.

How do you ensure that clients move from good intentions to productive/positive action?

Geri identifies each leader’s core productivity or ADHD-related challenges and provides structure, research-based strategies, and on-going support. Compassionate candor and constant feedback on progress enable the use of new habits and routines.

Why is coaching useful?

Coaching saves time and energy—and reduces stress. This allows leaders to focus on the change process, enhance productivity, and enjoy sustained work/life satisfaction. The coaching goal is to attain performance breakthroughs and corporate goals.

What industries are represented in your coaching services?

Geri has in-depth experience coaching leaders and their staffs in business, health, wellness, and educational settings. In addition, Geri works with independent professionals in medical, legal and educational settings who are confronting challenges gaining promotions or passing licensing and certification examinations.

What other services besides productivity/ADHD coaching do you provide?

Other services include: customized speeches for conferences, staff development seminars, retreats and team projects.