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A Personal Note from Dr. Geri Markel

Let's defeat your personal demons of distraction so you can be more productive and less stressed.

As a newlywed, I made macaroni and cheese from scratch. I didn’t carefully read the recipe and ended up with mounds of macaroni. We called the neighbors, held a macaroni-and-cheese party and shared a good laugh. It wasn’t a laughing matter, however, when I piled mail and magazines in a haphazard way hiding important receipts and invoices.

Rushed. Distracted. Stressed.

As I matured, I began to understand the serious impacts of distraction, disorganization, and inattention to detail. I began to understand that some of my bad habits—over scheduling and rushing—were ADHD-like behaviors. Too often, I was inconsiderate to others and not as productive as I’d hoped. I was frustrated because I disappointed others and myself.

As an educational psychologist, I applied cognitive-behavioral strategies and changed my ADHD tendencies.

Practical, step-by-step strategies provided me specific ways to manage my responsibilities while effectively managing my time with family, career, and social life. These methods became a lifeline, particularly in times of great trouble. This was especially true after family tragedy struck and I needed every ounce of my mental and emotional resources to survive.

Are you suffering from ADHD-like behaviors? If so, you can learn how to stop distractions – and gain peace of mind and productivity.

I encourage you to look into my coaching services, books, and products. This is a unique opportunity for you to enhance your work/life satisfaction, decrease stress, and increase productivity. I’ve learned to defeat my Demons of Distraction – so can you!

You don’t have to be diagnosed with ADHD to suffer from one or more ADHD-like behaviors.

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