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Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction:
Are ADHD-like behaviors creating stress in your life – and holding you back?

Do you suffer from the negative consequences of ADHD-like behaviors? Can you identify with these high-achieving professionals?

  • Dante is a vice president of sales, yet he makes careless and embarrassing mistakes in the budget. Why? Because he procrastinates and then rushes to get things done at the last minute. His stress is sky high.
  • Rosette is a gifted marketer on the corporate fast track. What’s the problem? Her mind races and she is disorganized and chronically late. She misses meetings, misplaces reports, and cannot gain the respect (or trust) of others.
  • Jose is a software entrepreneur with an exciting and creative vision. The issue? He’s up all night and has a poor memory. Lack of follow-through means he cannot nail down the venture capital he needs.
  • Vivian is a respected attorney with money troubles. It is confusing and frustrating. She has trouble planning and prioritizing, won’t delegate, and has thousands of dollars in outstanding receivables.

Do you experience similar ADHD-like behaviors? Does this create stress and hold you back?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find someone who understands the racing mind, disorganization, forgetfulness, procrastination, and the sheer stress of it all? Even better, someone who can teach you how to capitalize on your strengths: your creativity, talent, intellect, wit, and leadership skills?

I’m Dr. Geri Markel, the ADHD Executive Coach who will help you achieve productivity – and peace of mind

As an educational psychologist, I coach high-achieving executives and professionals who may exhibit ADHD-like behaviors – people who experience frustration because they regularly disappoint others and themselves. To move ahead, you need less self-doubt in your life. You need to learn how to: REDUCE distractions, DECREASE stress, and INCREASE productivity.

When we work together, you will master practical, step-by-step strategies to break out of unproductive habits and break through to greater productivity and life satisfaction.

It’s time to enjoy a life with less stress, better focus, and more energy. Together, let’s defeat your Demons of Distraction.

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