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Increase Your Chances for a Call Back After the Job Interview

By Dr. Geri Markel On 

Sound Advice for Job Interview Success

You prepared and practiced for the job interview. They asked fair questions and you thought you provided good answers. So why didn’t you receive a callback? After you finally get an interview, how can you improve your chances of employment?

This is the topic of an article by Christopher Mele. He provides a number of things that can go wrong and some tips about ways to improve your performance for the next interview.

Based on Mele’s article, and on my experience coaching hundreds of clients, here are some tips:

  • Be authentic. Say what sets you apart in a natural way.
  • Know the workplace culture.  Contact those who can discuss the goals and values of the business or corporation. At the very least, review the website and description of leaders.
  • Be confident. Practice ways of describing in a factual matter achievements and contributions while in previous positions.
  • Prepare to be on-screen. You may be on a Skype or video-chat call. Here where practice helps. Conduct practice interviews. Review one aspect at a time. First, turn down the volume and look at your body language. Do you look relaxed or tense, friendly or frozen? Next, turn the volume on, but don’t look at the screen. Just listen to the rate and fluency of your comments. Focus on the positives and practice improving one aspect at a time.
  • Ask questions. For example, “Where do you see the company in five years?”
  • Develop a rapport. Even if you and the job are not a good fit, use the interview to gain information about other possibilities. At another time, you may want to apply for other jobs within the same company.
  • Indicate a willingness to learn. With the fast changing world, all of us need to consider life-long learning opportunities.

If you are not getting interviews, you may be facing other problems such as incorrect spelling of names or companies, ineffective or poorly designed resume or cover letter; and/or the types of jobs for which you apply.  Here’s a great article on career and interview advice.

Applying for a job and going to interviews is arduous and time-consuming. Consider getting a job a full-time endeavor. For example, establish a regular schedule and motivational strategies. Rely on your support system and maintain healthy habits including regular exercise and enough sleep. Unfortunately, it is a job-jungle out there and you need to keep yourself going, especially when you face months of job seeking and some disappointments.

Be persistent! Keep analyzing your results and make adjustments as you go and don’t give up.


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