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Set the Stage for Leader Productivity: 5 Tips to Start Your Day

Personal Productivity

By Dr. Geri Markel On 

Leaders: Start Your Day to Accomplish Your Goals

Do You End the Day Unsure of What You Accomplished?

Imagine it’s the end of the day … How productive were you? Do you feel satisfied with your level of achievement or your progress toward goals? Unfortunately, too many current or emerging leaders often feel overwhelmed and frustrated. Too much to do, too little time to get things done, and almost no time to engage in quiet problem solving or creative thought. Is there a way to ensure that you get more done and feel more satisfied at the end of the day?

Simple Tips to Begin Everyday More Productive and Accomplish Your Goals

One way is to start the day with some tried and true routines. Consider these tips to help you energize your mornings and enhance your productivity:

  1. Start the day with a relaxing and positive activity. Appeal to your natural style. For example, if you are a visual person, imagine positive experiences you have had, look at photographs of happy events, or use a sketchbook or coloring book to relax. If you are a word person, write in a journal or read something uplifting. If you’re an active person, engage in exercise or yoga. And of course, for many, meditation is a favorite morning activity.
  2. Allow time to move from morning sluggishness to an energetic attitude. For example, hit the snooze alarm for a few minutes so you can ease yourself from sleepy to alert mode. You can play a bit of music or listen to an audio book. Include some brief stretching before leaving the comfort of the bed. Some people benefit from the use of a wake-up-light alarm clock, since the gradual increase of light is more relaxing than the blaring of an alarm.
  3. Enjoy music while getting dressed. Sing, dance, or listen. Some people crave upbeat music such as jazz, rock or marches, while others enjoy the lilting tones of classical music. Music touches the emotional side of your brain and may block stressful thoughts. To screen out possible stress, some people don’t answer the phone or listen to the news until they are fully awake and ready to go.
  4. Take the decision making out of your wake-up routine. The night before (or during the weekend), decide what to wear and what you will eat for breakfast or pack for lunch.
  5. Engage in mental warm-up activities before starting your workday. Create a reasonable to-do list, indicating about how long each task will take and when it might be accomplished. Consider having a motivational quote delivered to you via text each morning.

If you want more productive and satisfying days, develop some positive morning routines. You’ll be surprised by the boost in energy, motivation and focus it will give you.


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