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Moving Up the Leadership Ladder – Is Now a Time to Consider Career Changes?

By Dr. Geri Markel On How will you grow your career this year?

Growing Your Career in the New Year

At the beginning of the New Year, many resolutions focus on physical health, such as joining a gym or losing weight. Other resolutions may involve learning a new skill related to your job or hobby. But perhaps you need to consider longer-term career moves. For example, Kevin Granville raises issues related to your job and career.

What are the long-term considerations, concerns or questions you have about your current situation?

Important Career Growth Questions:

  • Is it time to request a raise?
  • What are the prospects for a promotion?
  • Are there steps you can take to create a more positive and productive atmosphere?
  • Are you enjoying a sustained sense of satisfaction?

Thinking along these lines may raise stress and tension. However, to be productive and satisfied, leaders at all levels need to consider where they are— and where and when changes should be considered.

If it is stressful, begin by discussing such issues with trusted friends, family, or colleagues. Just for fun, begin looking at other options. Reread your resume and compare your skills to those being recruited. Visualize a possible move within or out of your company (or division), and raise questions about the costs and benefits of a change.  Looking ahead, ask, “What new skills or experiences are needed if and when your career needs re-tuning?”


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