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Better attention and memory result in greater productivity and profitability—and less stress.

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Geri Markel's Managing Your Mind: Harnessing the potential of personal performance

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Master Your Class or Exam
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School Seminars

Master Your Class or Exam

Academic success is a matter of the mind, which is why Managing Your Mind is a crucial tool, helping professional, graduate and undergraduate students master their class, degree, boards, or exams.

Ideal for high-achievers, academic coaching, seminars, and other specialized products help students learn critical skills that help them perform faster, better, and with less stress. This includes skills like improving reading rate, comprehension, attention, memory, organization, time management, and test-taking skills.

Geri specializes in training students of all ages to show what they know on classroom examinations and high stakes tests. Success can be realized by those who have previously failed the Bar Exam or a Medical Licensing or Specialty Examination. Coaching focuses on unique learning styles, immediately applicable strategies, and reduction of test stress. Geri works with advising and counseling staff who refer "at risk" students to ensure academic success.

If the goal is to increase mastery of reading, study and test taking skills, and ensure academic excellence, call or contact about School Seminars or Coaching.

Success Stories

An Executive Assistant Passes the Charter Life Underwriter Examination

An assistant to an insurance agent wants to expand her responsibilities to sell securities. She worries that she will not pass the Charter Life Underwriter Examination. She is busy, tired, and fearful. She knows the material but has never felt she performed well on standardized tests. She works with Geri twice. Learning how to manage her mind, she learns how to read selectively, analyze test questions, and systematically think about each answer. She learns how to psyche herself up for the test and calm herself down when she begins to freeze. She passes and goes on to complete her Securities Examinations (National Association of Security Dealers).

Medical Resident Aces the Boards

A resident fails a medical specialty board twice. When preparing, he overestimates his skill and underestimates the task. In medical school, he had 90% of his time to study for exams, but in his residency program, he has to spend 90% of his time on his job. In addition, now he has less energy and more stress. Geri helps him apply more effective reading and retention strategies. As he prepares, he moves from feeling overwhelmed and humiliated to acting as a mentor to others who fail. Three months later, he takes the boards and passes with flying colors.

Prospective Applicants to Dental and Medical Schools Score Higher on Reading Tests

What happens when special college programs provide coaching in advanced reading skills? Twenty-five freshman and sophomores enrolled in a special program improve their reading skills. Now they are in a stronger position to earn high grades and score high on the Dental Admissions Test or the Medical College Admission Test.

Nelson Denny Reading Pre and Post Program Scores
  Pre Test Means Post Test Means
Vocabulary 45.56 68.84
Reading Rate 34.32 81.76
Reading Comprehension 46.40 68.68

School Seminars

For Medical, Legal and Other Professional Tests (e.g., real estate)

  • Acing the Boards, Bar, or Licensing Examination Provides a High Stakes Test Performance Evaluation and helps participants plan ways to ensure that they pass the first time. Based on research, strategies are provided to enhance scheduling, use of practice tests, advanced reading, learning, retention, and test taking, while reducing test stress.

For Graduate Students

  • Pass your Preliminary Examinations the First Time
  • Finish your Dissertation or Thesis
  • Prepare for Your Oral Examination
  • Balancing School/Work/Life

For College Students

  • Advanced Reading and Learning Strategies
  • Organize and Succeed
  • Academic Time Management
  • Unfreezing Writer’s Block
  • Noteworthy Notes: Improving Listening and Note Taking
  • Preparing For and Taking Test
  • Dealing with Test Stress
  • Academic Excellence: Study Smarter, Not Longer

For Secondary Students

  • The ABCs of the SAT and ACT: A Guide to College Admission Tests
  • Fighting the Test Stress Tiger: Better Scores with Less Stress
  • Secret Reading and Learning Strategies for the SAT and ACT
  • How to Help Yourself Get into College
  • Making a Smooth Transition from High School to College