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Better attention and memory result in greater productivity and profitability—and less stress.

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Geri Markel's Managing Your Mind: Harnessing the potential of personal performance

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All true professionals in athletics or the arts have coaches and mentors: the greater the competition, the more critical the coaching. No matter what your field, the right coach is essential whenever you have trouble moving from intention to action.

As a performance coach, Geri specializes in helping you get where you want to go. Collaborative, systematic, and confidential, Geri cuts to the core issues, helps to create results-oriented action plans, provides simple but powerful strategies, and uses feedback to ensure rapid improvement. When needed, Geri works closely with departments of human resources, services for vocational rehabilitation, or offices of student services to help you keep your job, earn a promotion, or succeed at school.

Geri helps the aspiring or newly promoted manager; the professional who has failed a high stakes licensing examination; the student who faces academic crisis, home-business owners or coaches who need to reduce distractions and increase profits; and adults with ADD who need to overcome work/life challenges. Services are provided by telephone, via the internet, or on-site.


Member, National Speakers Association

In conjunction with Making it Work Training & Seminars, based in Irvington, New York, Dr. Markel has designed and implemented the following programs at Fortune 500 companies and law firms in the greater New York area: Fast Track Reading, Defeating the Demons of Distraction, and Managing Your Memory.

To book or make inquiries about coaching, training, or seminars, in the greater New York area, pleas contact Linda Bizer, Ed.D. at 914 591-6862 or e-mail:

Managing Your Mind® Seminars provide the insights, strategies, and tools to ensure breakthroughs in performance and productivity at Fortune 500 Companies, small businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. Seminars are interactive and include self-checks, checklists, problem solving tools, practice activities, and resources. Seminars are customized and available in hour, half-day, or full-day formats on-site and via teleconferences with or without internet support.

Geri often speaks to members of professional organizations designed for small business owners, teachers, organizers, coaches, and trainers. Review Geri's recent presentations. Read a testimonial.

Seminar topics and descriptions are listed under the following categories: Work Life Seminars, Family Life Seminars, School Life Seminars, or Attention Deficit Disorder Seminars.

Testimonial: "Geri did a wonderful job in customizing her presentation for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Southeast Michigan Chapter. She was entertaining, informative and answered our members' questions with ease."

Carolyn Anderson-Fermann, Simply Organized Life
Director of Professional Development
NAPO Southeast Michigan Chapter